The Heather Muller Legacy is one of commitment to friends, family, and persons in need. Commitment to one's beliefs despite the loud rants of non-believers, cynics, and those who can not see the good that is all around us. The ability of words and music to lift a heavy heart weighed down by the sometimes frightening realities of life. The power of laughter, mutual respect, and a shared experience among friends to give meaning to a world that often seems to have none. Realizing that the connections between people, those that can create empathy rather than focusing on that which divides us, is the essence of humanity. And, perhaps most importantly, that one person's life can have a ripple effect over the lives of those it touches which can make the world a better place. Thank you, Heather, for teaching us all so much.

The No Straight Lines Award is designated every year to those that embody the beliefs and values of the Heather Muller Circle.

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