The Heather Muller Circle is a nonprofit organization and an autonomous committee within the Wichita Children's Theatre and Dance Center. The Circle solicits donations for the Wichita Children's Theater and Dance Center with the expressed purpose of overseeing and maintaining the Heather Muller Black Box Theatre dedicated on July 31, 2004. The Heather Muller Circle administers the Heather Muller fund, conducts fundraising activities and determines spending initiatives consistent with the following priorities.

We intend for those participants who perform in the Heather Muller Black Box Theater to experience a similar joy of performance and inspiration as those who performed with Heather. Performances in the space are intended to challenge young theatre participants and push them to new levels of achievement as young adults. We seek to encourage group camaraderie and a sense of responsibility for the Theater from the young adults who participate in productions in our wonderful performance space.

The Heather Muller Circle will ensure that the Theater is equipped with up-to-date technologies and that all equipment be in good working order and that performers be provided with the appropriate resources to produce performances of the utmost quality.

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